SEO Services for Small Business

Even if You own a Small business, You can still Expect Huge Results.

Don’t waste your time with complex, technical mumbo jumbo. We make SEO and Internet Markteting for Small Businesses EASY!

Increase Online Exposure

Does your small business need more exposure in your local area? Search Engines favor certain sites over others – we even the odds by helping the “little guy” compete!

Find Your Target Audience

If your service isn’t top notch, there isn’t much we can do. Once you can offer a premium service, however, we want everyone to know about it – that’s what we do!

More Traffic, More Sales

Do you know how much traffic your site is getting? We’ll crunch the numbers, hook up your small business site to Google Analytics, and create a custom plan to increase the number of visitors to your site.

“My Company is Now Found on Google for my top Keyword. Business is great!”

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Small Business SEO can be a tricky business, especially if you go with an SEO company that isn’t up to date in all the latest methods. You see, SEO has changed at breakneck speed (even in the last couple years), so you need someone who will optimize your site and get results without the chance of landing you a big, fat, nasty penalty.

Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization for Small Business has taken a toll for the past few years because as business owners, we are hardwired to seek the most affordable solutions possible. This can lead to small businesses being tricked into pie-in-the-sky SEO schemes that leave your site even worse than when you started.

Don’t get me wrong, organic search marketing works, and you van get it at affordable rates – you just need to go with someone you trust. Here’s a tip: if the marketing company won’t speak to you face to face, or at least over the phone, something is awry. Since technically all you need to do SEO is the internet, it’s possible that someone on their couch halfway around the world could be selling you SEO services.

Severn Marketing is here to provide ethical search engine optimization at a value that is impossible to beat. In fact, we’ve done the analysis, and for the work we’re doing, most companies don’t even come close. We create custom content, optimize your site, fix site structure issues, handle social media posting, perform web design, and a host of other services specifically aimed at providing SEO services for small businesses.

Most new companies, especially the mom-and-pop types, don’t feel they can compete with the big local and national brands. This may be true in some ways, but our system can even the odds and start getting your site more traffic within one month of using Severn Marketing.

We Believe in…

Being Friends

You do things for friends that you wouldn’t do for complete strangers. In this way, we’re different. Our clients aren’t just our clients, they’re our friends – and we want to see them succeed BIG.

Providing Value

Clients are often wow’d by the fact that we don’t automate anything in our business. We provide custom-made SEO solutions at a bargain rate, and that’s how we’ll always do business.

Having Fun & Doing What We Love

People who take life too seriously are hard to work with, be married to, or even be around. If you are this way, lighten up a little and enjoy where life and business takes you, with our help of course.

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